The Type of Steel Pipe Used for Oil Transportation

The processing, transportation and storage of oil is highly complex with high pressure and corrosion. Crude oil from the underground contains substances such as sulfur and hydrogen sulfide that can oxidize the pipeline. This is a key problem during the oil transportation. Therefore, the material chosen must meet these needs. Steel is the most used material applied in the oil transporting and storage. Some technique has been invented to increase its strength and its corrosion resistance.

People have used pipes for many years. Steel pipes are long, hollow tubes. According to statistics, there are millions of tons of black steel pipe being produced each year; they are so versatile and therefore widely used in many industries. It's not difficult to find that steel pipes are used in a many places. Since they are tough and hard, they are used for transporting oil, gas, water throughout cities and towns. They can be lightweight although they are hard. Black pipe, a form of black steel pipe, was widely used in homes built before the 1960s. But since black pipes are durable, they are still used for applications like gas and oil line. The black appearance is formed by a black oxide scale when forging the steel pipe.

Steel pipes are used widely in petroleum industry and many other fields, so they have large consumption volume. There are many kinds of oil steel pipe; the two principle kinds are oil well pipe (drill collar, drill pipe, casing pipe, tubing pie etc.) and oil-gas transportation pipe. Steel pipelines can be buried underground for hundreds of years with little damage giving the credit to their excellent stress crack resistance. They can also be used for outside storage because of the amazing dependable performance. The well-drilling during the oil exploration and exploitation needs frill pipes and drill collars, well reinforcing needs casing, and the oil recovery need tubing. In recent years, the annual consumption of oil well pipes is about 1.3 million tons. The pipeline transportation is the most economical and reasonable method for oil.

With the rapid development of pipeline, the demand of oil transportation line pipe increased greatly in China. The black iron pipe is a type of API steel pipe which has a black oxide scale on its surface. It is less expensive and more ductile than other iron pipes so it is popular around the world. In generally, electric resistance welded steel pipe are used for oil transmission which can guarantee assures defined quality when using it. This kind of pipe is constantly stable in hot or wet environment. The importance of oil transporting to supply energy makes the industry of steel pipeline production keep developing and more attention to it. Corrosion resistant, water based paint is used on the outer layer to prevent atmospheric corrosion during transportation and storage. You can also aid more protective layers on pipes to make them more durable.