The Chamber of Commerce Opposes the Use of the "232 clause"

Major U.S. trade and manufacturers association has submit written opinions to the U.S. department of commerce has urged the us government not to use, on grounds of "national security", "232 clause" widely import restrictions on foreign steel products. As welding steel pipe, line pipe, galvanized steel pipe, high frequency straight seam welded pipe, scaffolding plank, and other products production services vendors, Shinestar think, the U.S. government this behavior not only damage the interests of the United States the general steel consumption industry, weaken the international competitiveness of U.S. manufacturing, also easy to cause other countries trade retaliation.

Representing America 70% of steel production capacity of iron and steel association has called on the government trump ruled that foreign steel imports hurt U.S. national security as soon as possible, to prevent the steel imports and protect domestic iron and steel industry. The institute claims that without the health of the us steel industry, the us will soon lose its ability to produce steel products that supply defence. Consumption of iron and steel industry accounted for the proportion of U.S. economic output and employment than steel production industry, and many steel consumption enterprise also ships, aircraft, high-tech weapons such as the main supplier of defense products. If these steelmakers' capacity for production is reduced, America's national security will be weakened.

On behalf of the American company ford, gm, fiat, Chrysler big three auto makers in the public interest of the American auto policy committee also warned in the written opinions, American government's use of "232 clause" to the negative impact of the U.S. auto industry and its workers will far outweigh the benefits of restrictions on imports to the U.S. steel industry.

On behalf of the 950 member enterprises of the American association of equipment manufacturers also warned that in the written opinions to stop imports of foreign steel will force the manufacturers can only obtain raw materials from domestic steel mills, but may not meet the requirement of operation, this may lead to equipment production decline in the quality and safety operation risk. At the same time, import restrictions will also push up the domestic price of steel, and other countries manufacturers can purchase cheaper steel raw materials, it will damage the American manufacturing industry's international competitiveness.

American think-tank, senior fellow at the peterson institute for international economics, points out that the U.S. government on national security grounds the evidence seems to add new trade barriers, this may make the United States in the world trade organization (wto) are more likely to encounter other countries have put forward a lawsuit. Steel tariffs, he said, would increase the U.S. dependence on imported steel manufacturers and the cost of construction enterprise, damage the interests of the American consumer, even if the import tariff can protect some steel jobs, but it is hurting other industries at the expense of employment.

Shinestar up to as a base on the whole of China, service global steel procurement service, we believe, based on the national security of unilateral sanctions will not be a lasting solution, jointly cope with excess capacity of specific action is the best solution. We will continue to research and development to produce high quality of welded steel pipe, line pipe, galvanized coating steel pipe, scaffolding plank, and other products, better service to the customers at home and abroad.