Technology of Big Diameter LSAW Steel Pipe

Large diameter LSAW steel pipe suit for conveying sea and land oil and gas, oil and natural gas, coal and ore oar medium pipeline , particularly appropriate Currently being built in our country "west to east gas pipeline project", can also be used for exports and replace imported.

Germany SMSMEER mannesmann (the former is famous all over the world), Japan NKK company, Japan O.T.K (Osaka special steel pipe), India WELSPVN steel pipe co., South Korea's hyundai heavy industries and the company, has its unique pipe skills, tube manufacturing industry for the world's elite.

Foreign straight steel tube forming method :  UOE, CFE row roll forming, RBE roller bend forming, JCOE forming method, C forming method and PFP gradual bending forming method, etc. Briefly introduced as follows:

1. The UOE method, first of all, on the edge of the bending plate inside U press forming mold pressed into U, and then in O press forming die pressure into type O welding into tube before all the hole diameter. UOE method is one of the most leading forming method in the modern world, by far the world has nearly 30 sets of forming welded pipe unit, UOE method to produce high power and is famous for its product quality is good, but not for the price is expensive, contributive scale.

2. The CFE method of roll forming machine by the preform rack, flat roller frame, marginal winding roller and small row roller frame, because small roll, set up many has resulted in a steel plate forming process of marginal track almost is a straight line, to avoid the "marginal stretching" appearance. CFE method forming quality is good, its product quality with UOF no difference. The use of the material for hot rolled strip coil, it is different from other forming. It first applies to the mass, and the fruit of the single type steel tube, but it is difficult to produce high strength thick wall steel pipe and large diameter steel pipe.

3. Will RBE roller bend forming steel plate by repeatedly between three or four roll roll in rolling, this kind of way out of the production of welded pipe on the use of performance and reliability are near UOE welded pipe. RBE method paid less, fast, moderate production and flexibility is bigger, the strong adaptability in stores, in recent years, the measures used in some developing countries. But because the central forming method on forming roll without support, bound by its stiffness, forming steel pipe diameter should not less than 508 mm (20) in, reduce the market share, China pipeline under 508 mm in diameter.

4. JCOE forming, first in terms of hydraulic press crushed the steel plate to the J shape, both sides after the pressure side, by the repeated stamping for C shape, eventually the half O shape mold pressed into type O. JCOE method of its product quality and the UOE welded pipe approached, and the price is far lower than that of UOE unit, the ~ but its power is low.

5. C forming replace of UOE unit with two C forming machine and O U press press, its forming process is: the edge of the bending plate in the first place in the first half of the pressure machine forming plate, and then the other half of the steel plate in another press forming, and then get an o-ring circular tube. C welded pipe forming the produce scale is appropriate, the output value is moderate, production line price is low.

6. PFP gradual bending forming process is the end of the bending plate in presses with small step length, more the number of times gradually to bending of sheet metal, eventually the steel tube forming for pipe welding joint. PFP method for small quantity each time, so the press tonnage is not big, so investment is small, this kind of way to forming different pipe diameter, different wall thickness of welded pipe, the diameter of the processing can be less than 406 mm, the yield of welded pipe quality is better, production is moderate.