Spiral Pipe Cross-section Crystallization

In the design and manufacture of spiral steel adjustable mold is intended to replace the specifications in addition to meeting the requirements, but also want to improve the ingot Omo flatness. Usually only determine a reasonable brimmed crown and taper can be done. Use results show wide ingot surface flatness significantly increased cross-sectional thickness is less than 5, the coarse-grained layer reduction, improved production efficiency and yield. Omo has centering mechanism, width continuously adjustable, all adjustments can be done directly by hand, the production of ingots sectional thickness difference of less than 3. Adjusting the distance between the two short blocks condensation can infinitely variable width ingot; replacement block to short condensing stepwise change of the thickness of the ingot to achieve the crystallizer specification (i.e., standard ingot) changes.

This should ensure that the processing of the main mold machining accuracy and tightness of condensate water at the junction block, but should adopt the flip cover so hanging out ingot casting pit. Large diameter spiral pipe plant in the late 1990s, has designed and manufactured 480,950,380 three levels for adjusting the amplitude of 50 wide-brimmed adjustable mold.