Scrap Steel Industry

At present, the world demand for steel raw material of scrap steel is more intense.Scrap steel  is green resources of iron and steel industry, it has the higher value of  the environmental load can.As the ssaw steel pipe, welded steel pipe, piling pipe, sawh steel pipe,fluid transportation steel pipe and other products manufacturers, shinestar  steel production that the world is moving towards more energy efficient, more economical, safer,and more able to adapt to the environmental requirements of the  direction of development.

At present, about 40% of raw material for crude steel production comes from the recycling of scrap steel.China's steel scrap recycling rate is still lower than the global  average, scrap steel processing distribution system construction remains to be improved, still need to continuous innovation, transformation and upgrading, set up by  scrap steel industry integration development concept, realize the recycling of scrap steel as soon as possible, dismantling, processing, distribution, use of the whole  process of the integration of the operation.

Since last year, the country hit steel and the capacity to continue to intensify efforts.On the ground of steel with million tons of production capacity out, gradually  increasing the amount of scrap iron and steel resource, to become more reasonable.China's scrap steel resources have also increased, last year, the total amount of  scrap and steel in the country was 929.10 million tons, an increase of 7.71 million tons;steel enterprises produced  443 million tons of scrap steel, accounting for 49  percent of total consumption, up 2.4 million tons from a year earlier. The total amount of scrap steel in the society was 46.45 million tons, accounting for 51 percent of  the total consumption;steel enterprises scrap inventories increased by 900,000 tons; imports of scrap steel were 2.16 million tons, down 170,000 tons from a year  earlier.

With the implementation of the new environmental protection law and environmental supervision efforts continue to increase, but also released a large number of scrap  resources,the establishment of the country's carbon emissions trading market also has created favorable conditions for the development of the steel industry waste,  waste to regulate the development of iron and steel industry, increasing scrap ratio has brought a good opportunity,the use of scrap iron and steel enterprises  enthusiasm continues to improve, many enterprises of steel scrap consumption has reached 150 kg.

At present, China's steel scrap resources utilization rate has increased substantially, but compared with the global average level is still relatively low, and the level of  developed countries is far apart.In the "12th Five-Year" period, China's steel scrap ratio was 11.4%, some countries this proportion higher than China's several times,  such as Turkey is 86.79%, the United States is 70.74%.In addition, with the realization of China's "13th Five-Year" planning target gap, also means that there is a huge  space for development of scrap iron and steel industry.

Analysis pointed out that the next 5 years to 10 years, China will usher in a period of rising scrap steel resources, ushered in the steel enterprises with good  scrap,reduce carbon emissions, scrap steel processing and distribution industry have a brilliant future, is related to enterprises bigger and stronger the golden period.

Therefore, should be realized from the recycling, dismantling, processing, distribution of scrap iron and steel industry as soon as possible, the whole process of the  integration of the operation,diversification and intensive development can make the iron and steel industry develop greatly and rely on the green development of the  steel industry.Shinestar will also actively respond to national policy, and strive to produce more and better ssaw steel pipe, welded pipe, piling pipe, sawh steel  pipe,coating steel pipe and other products,will be "green" production through to the end.