Quality Control Skills in Welding of LSAW Steel Pipe

LSAW Steel Pipe to control the quality, in order to safely carry out production operations, but also to protect the operator an essential element of personal safety. The main application areas are: large span grid project, building steel structure project, electric power and EHV transmission and distribution project, mechanical engineering, bridge, bridge, railway station, airport, stadium steel structure project, municipal pipe network, Foundation piling, water gas pipeline and highway construction and other supporting facilities.

1, According to the welding process specification review wire and flux specifications are correct, to prevent the wrong use of welding wire and flux caused by welding quality accidents.

2, The welding environment to monitor, when the welding environment is not good (temperature below 0 ℃, relative humidity greater than 90%) should be taken after the appropriate measures for welding.

3, Before the first test groove size, including the gap, blunt edge, angle and the wrong mouth, etc. whether the process requirements.

4, In the submerged arc welding process automatically selected inside and outside the welding current, welding voltage, welding speed and other process parameters are correct.

5, Supervise the welding personnel in the submerged arc welding inside and outside the full use of steel tube side of the arc plate length to strengthen the arc inside and outside the welding of the use of efficiency, which helps to improve the quality of the pipe end welding.

6, Supervise the welding personnel in the welding when the first slag clean up, whether it has been completely handled joints, groove at whether oil, rust, slag, water, paint and other dirt.