President Speech October 30,2016

For the enterprise, the customer demand is our chance, transposition is a way to achieve success. Only the product and service start from customer have value and market. To ask, to experience as a customer before produce or promote a new service or product.

The General Manager Talking 

The efficiency of a small team depends on the "leader“, the efficiency of a large team depends on the perfect system and timely communication. In the small team, the leadership and responsibility of the "leader” decide how to division of labor cooperation, how to communication. 

Afternoon tea 

How to open a good weekly meeting? A, the purpose of the meeting. The meeting must have a purpose, and this purpose must be specific. The purpose of the weekly meeting is by following-up, refinement, founding the problem, improvement, promoting the monthly goal. B, the agenda. 1, the target completion situation of last week plan. 2, the good aspects and problems in the process, the place need to do improvement. 3, new action plans and goals, the person who responsible of. C, time. Weekly meeting need just one hour, more than 1.5 hours of the meeting must be a waste of time. If you think the meeting content is too much, pls streamline meetings, control it within 1 hour directly. D, information. Is the content of the meeting. Conference contents should strengthen goal oriented, focusing on a target in last week's action plan and action plan on the new week. I can hear a lot of people reading their own account, the daily work of all say out, this is greatly wasted time. E, as a result. Meeting must has a result, not only refers to the recorder write meeting minutes, it is the meeting action plan on how to implement, target and evaluation standard is what? Who is responsible? What is resource security? In short, to be solve out. Found the problem, and provides the basis for the next step of improvement. 

Business forefront

Failed salesman must have these problems!1, there is no strong desire to make money, think enough flowers, lose their goals.2, three minutes heat to see whose side colleagues worried, decided to go all out, when the second day wake up pain, began repeating yesterday's story.
3.Always think that others can succeed is smarter than you, than their high IQ, but human intelligence are very little, than those who work harder, more carefully, more insistent.4, There is no ambition, no sense of honor, do feel good and bad are a kind of.5, No occupation planning, no concept of what they want to do, how long count, muddle along.6, too easy to meet, I feel pretty good, not with the excellent marketing staff than the gap, but with the same level or do worse than meet, in fact, is already in the downhill.7, To understand faithful words grate upon the ear. is not thorough, always think that they think is right, the boss or senior opinion or suggestion wrong, its own way.8, Or over confident, self invincible, no humble attitude. Either too complex, often complain that God unfair.9, Naturally introverted or aloof, not gregarious, can not integrate into the team, often alone, fight a lone battle.10, No gratitude, that their income is the result of their efforts, never want to if you do not think they have this platform. Those aspects need to improve or change.

HR forum 
Performance management system is doing fine again, make it more complicated, without the participation and support of top managers, middle managers lead and guide and employee participation and identity, is unable to promote performance management system.That is to say, "the performance is good, the key in the leadership."