New Method for the NDT of Steel Pipe

In recent years, the application of powder composites with growing demands on the subject side is also rising, the above conventional method is no longer meet the demand, thus producing a variety of non-destructive inspection side of the new method, such as:
1. Brake noise and vibration detection method
Acoustic vibration detection method for the side that is the side of the workpiece to produce the excitation of mechanical vibrations, by the side of the workpiece to determine the vibration characteristics of its side by the amount of defects.
2. No pull-side wave logo
Since the emblem can wave through the dielectric material, so the emblem side wave NDT method came into being. Logo emblem wave detection side is to study wave reflection, projection, diffraction, interference, changing the cavity emblem scrambling and other physical characteristics. Emblem and wave to act on the subject side of the material, its electrical characteristics eleven emblem dielectric constant loss tangent the relative change, by the side of the tomb amount emblem wave parameters (logo wave amplitude, birth rate, phase) change, came off the continent is whether or material defect inside the object.
3. Infrared sharp-twisting-side
Infrared NDT side is the use of infrared physics theory, the analysis techniques and methods used in infrared radiation characteristic of the subject without side Benton City. The method uses the materials or components in the change of the thermal state of operation and abnormal overheating, is working to determine the status of the object side, it is determined whether the defects in its structure.
4. Proud light Holography
Holographic detection side is to use light mayonnaise all intended to check the photographic object side surface and an inner block trap. Because the objects will be subject to external load under deformation, deformation and this is directly related to the object is defective. Under different external loads, the degree of deformation of the surface is different. Holography is to the surface and internal defects, the method by external loading. So causing local deformation of the corresponding object surface, with a hologram observation and comparison of this variation, and recorded in the deformation of the surface under different external loads, after observation and analysis, it is determined whether the defects inside the object.