Metallurgical Engineering Automation Develope Rapidly

Recent year, the development of iron and steel enterprises have been meet lots constraints, including ore, raw materials, energy, environmental protection and so on. As a professional manufacturer of DSAW steel pipe, steel springboard, pipe, galvanized coating steel pipe, open flat and other products production, Shinestar believes that the iron and steel enterprises have to change the scale of the past, seeking quantity development model, transfer to meet the demand of users of the market-oriented production model. It require iron and steel enterprises to increase investment in science and technology, accelerate technological transformation, and accurately grasp the direction of automation development technology.

With the iron and steel enterprises develop themselves by science and technology, metallurgical engineering automation is expected to high development. In addition, in the increasingly mature automation technology and metallurgical industry demand, metallurgical engineering automation technology will enter a new stage, so as to better serve the metallurgical industry.

Automation is one of the future development trend of the metallurgical industry, it is helpful to achieve high efficiency, high quality, low consumption, environmental protection for the metallurgical industry. At present, there are many domestic iron and steel enterprises with advanced automation systems, automation equipment has become an important facilities.

Generally, the metallurgical engineering automation technology mainly work in two parts, one is the process control, another is the production management.

In the process control, metallurgical engineering automation technology helps to achieve material tracking, equipment monitoring and control, process parameters of the monitoring and control, also for operational guidance, recording and reporting, as well as automatic display of product orientation.

To the production management, metallurgical engineering automation technology present the actual situation and data of the whole production process, and facilitate the production technology, financial accounting, economic analysis and so on, provide important data for the follow-up to decisions or production optimization.

However, because China's automation technology is still in its infancy, metallurgical engineering automation technology still has many difficulties, including multi-objective real-time optimization, comprehensive closed-loop control, online continuous measurement.

Although there is some problems, but the trend of metallurgical engineering automation has been formed in the automation technology and metallurgical industry demand, will develop fast, and in process control, production management continues to move on. In the process control, the future will use advanced sensors, optical mechanical and electrical integration technology and data processing technology to solve the difficulties in metallurgical process.

In the production management, the future will not only achieve vertical information integration, but also integration of real-time data and relational database, data mining, production management control to provide the data for decision-making. In addition, metallurgical engineering automation technology will also lay a solid foundation for enterprise information, and gradually realize the integration of control, so that real-time performance management, metallurgical industry to promote the completion of information technology.

Shinestar as a global provider, we will increase investment in science and technology, research and development to produce more high-quality straight seam steel, welded steel pipe, galvanized pipe, open flat and other carbon steel pipe products , to meet the demands of our customers.