Main materials and physical properties of precision seamless pipe

The raw materials for producing precision steel pipes are mainly ST35 and st37.4 (10#), ST45 (20#), ST55 (35#), ST52 (16Mn), CK45, etc.

Precision seamless pipe with small tolerance of outer diameter, inner hole and wall thickness and high dimensional accuracy. The mechanical and technological performance of precision seamless steel pipe is excellent. The precision pipe can withstand high pressure. It is especially suitable for hydraulic machinery, auto parts processing, petroleum and electrical industry. After heat treatment, the steel pipe can carry out cold bending deformation at any angle, flared and flattened without cracks. It is suitable for industries requiring various bending deformation processing of steel pipes.

The European standard of precision steel pipe is DIN2391.

Specification of precision seamless steel pipe: outer diameter 10-245mm, wall thickness 08-70mm.