Made-in-China Remodeling New Economic Impetus in 2017

Although China's manufacturing is affected by the marketing, irrational structure in some areas, supply side innovation fatigue, supply and demand imbalances and other defects. However, Hunan Shinestar Steel Research Institute think that the Chinese economy in the complex global economic will continue to maintain steady growth, will be better and strong momentum, China manufacturing has become the core of China's economic transformation and upgrading.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that China has built the global largest 4G network with the world's first Internet and mobile Internet users, which make China become the world's largest production base of electronic information products and the most growth of the information consumer market. The rapid development of information technology is "catalyst"  which promote China's smart manufacturing industry mature, upgrading of network infrastructure and the popularity of Internet thinking, continue to accelerate the integration of traditional manufacturing and other industries, and constantly stimulate innovation and potential capacity .

In the international arena, the influence of Chinese manufacturing is increasing day by day. From souvenirs to rail vehicles, "Made in China" as "Chinese business card." everywhere at the Rio Olympic Games. In overseas, the Chinese mobile phone sales scenes so that people excited; in the world, engineering, equipment manufacturing, high-tech R & D and other areas of China more and more power. Shinestar Group as a supplier of carbon steel pipe, welded steel pipe, pipe, galvanized pipe and other products, working hard to produce more high-quality products, aim to be an international competitiveness Iron and Steel Group.

However, we must know that from the low-end traditional manufacturing to the high-end intelligent manufacturing, the gap between Made-in China and the advanced countries is still big, the same to market demand. The international community still have a lot evaluation for the weakening of China's manufacturing advantage, which on domestic parts and areas of industrial production structure, product quality and cost doubts. China manufacturing have to change the situation of traditional human, resources and other cost advantages to other new advantage in the competition of the world manufacturing industry.
Transformation and upgrading can not be done in a day, industrial prosperity requires policy, financial and other multi-party efforts. The beginning of the year to explore the success of . The success explore at the beginning of the year, "Made in China 2025" outline a clear path of development, which make traditional industries and new industries to accelerate integration. Made-in-China development path add new impetus and stimulate China's economic growth. Shinestar Group will also actively develop themselves and will produce more high quality carbon steel pipe, welded steel pipe, pipe, galvanized pipe and other products to strength Chinese economy.