Introduction on Welded Steel Pipe Classes and Features

The welded steel pipe of low pressure fluid is also known as the clarinet. This kind of welded steel pipe can be used like the common welded steel pipe, for example, transporting water, gas and oil, but also it can be used to convey low pressure steam heating fluid. The wall thickness of this kind of welded steel pipe includes ordinary steel and thicker steel, and in the forming process of it, there are no steel pipes and tubes with steel. Ordinarily, we use nominal diameter which is a kind of approximate diameter to calculate the specifications of the pipe. In addition, this kind of welded steel pipe cannot only directly convey fluids, but also can weld the original steel pipe by using low pressure.

The low pressure fluid galvanized welded steel pipe, which is a kind of galvanized welded steel pipes, is commonly known as white pipe. This kind steel pipe can also transport water, gas, air and oil. What is more, the steel pipe can be used for other purposes, for example, conveying low pressure fluid such as steam heating and warm water and so on. The wall thickness of this kind steel pipe has two types including ordinary galvanized steel and thick galvanized steel. The form of end of the pipe includes non-threaded galvanized and threaded galvanized. In the meanwhile, this kind steel pipe also uses nominal diameter, but commonly uses inches.

The straight seam welded steel pipe, which is parallel to the longitudinal welded steel pipe, has various kinds of types, for example, metric welded steel pipe, welded tube, transformer cooling pipes and arc.

The other kind is pressurized liquid delivery spiral submerged arc welded steel pipe, which is mainly used for oil pipelines and natural gas. It can be used for hot-rolled steel strip coils, and often convey fluid by double-sided submerged arc welding method. There are many advantages for this kind steel pipe, for example, it can withstand strong pressure, and its welding performance is very good. This steel pipe passed through various rigorous scientific inspection and testing trials, so it is safe and reliable. What is more, the transmission efficiency of it is very high which can be useful for saving the laying of pipeline investments.