Insulation steel pipe

Insulation steel pipe refers to that pipes: the process through the insulation after processing in different working environment and the role of media outside the guaranteed operating temperature and the surface temperature of the inner tube meets or meet the requirements of the steel pipes. Insulation steel pipe is made of steel tube, fiberglass inner sheath, fiberglass shell composition. Insulation pipe is a way to raise the temperature of the steel tube warmth in people's daily lives are often used, which has been so widely accepted and used. Widespread use of pipe insulation and construction, fitting and plumbing, the pipes can be a good guarantee the normal and smooth.


Insulation pipe is widely used in liquid and gas pipeline network, chemical pipe insulation works in petroleum, chemical, centralized heating network, central air conditioning and ventilation pipes, municipal engineering. High prefabricated thermal insulating tube is a good insulation properties, plus safe, reliable, low construction cost of prefabricated buried pipe insulation. Effective solution to the urban central heating in 130 -600 high temperature heat transport prefabricated buried insulating pipe insulation, sliding lubrication and exposed pipe ends waterproofing problems.


Composition of insulation pipe is a relatively simple, but its composition is relatively simple and easy to understand and can make people think. Heat pipe is a steel pipe by the conveying medium, high density polyethylene jacket tube and pipe and jacket pipe filled with polyurethane foam insulation layer closely together, is a high- density polyethylene outer sheath tube prefabricated polyurethane foam buried pipe insulation. Just after the rust corrosion polyethylene pipe set in the casing, into the middle of polyurethane foam, so that the full filled polyethylene cannula tube and the gap between the end, the pipe, casing, forming a solid insulation layer overall, to achieve the effect of anti-corrosion insulation, pipe insulation is formed. Such corrosion insulation pipe insulation ways overhead or buried in the ground, the entire construction process can be carried out in the field, to facilitate the construction and operation, and construction workers can easily be manipulated process is relatively simple.


Insulation pipe made simple process: The first step is to test anti-corrosion steel pipe, pipe insulation made to conform to the conditions, various conditions for integrated steel inspection; second step is to remove the pipe embroidered on the use of certain special raw steel surface clear of rust, corrosion of the steel pipe is not the case; third step is to wear a tube shape, the steel will rust corrosion sets in after a polyethylene casing; fourth step is to head repair, middle injected polyurethane foam make it fully filled steel tube and the gap between the polyethylene casing and making it one; final step is finished testing on the finished pipe insulation inspection of the finished product, sell the product to meet the specifications, the product does not meet the re renovations and improvements.