Low-Carbon Era!How to Implement Green Developmet of Chinese Steel

In recent years, promote the transformation and upgrading of the steel industry, low- carbon and green development path, is to realize the main content of the iron and steel power in our country. As spiral pipe, spiral steel pipe, pipe, welded pipe, galvanized coating steel pipe shelf products such as production services vendors, Shinestar holdings group think steel industry to implement low-carbon green development is not only an important opportunity, and will face huge challenges.

Iron and steel industry development to today, on the one hand, the contradiction between scale, layout, and people to the survival and development requirements more and more prominent, focus on capacity, more than 70% in frequent fog area, and the conflict between urban development space is big, many steel mills have to move; Technical constraints, on the other hand, is more and more big, the price is higher and higher, the iron and steel production and consumption contradiction is more and more big. In general, we are faced with the grim situation.

Since the eighteenth congress, the country put the construction of ecological civilization in the more important strategic position, the construction of ecological civilization and promote an unprecedented height, practice depth, and made a series of important deployment. 18 the fifth plenary session put forward the innovation, harmonious and green, open, sharing the five development idea, green development is more and more become popular feeling. Increasingly strengthen the environmental capacity constraint, the global response to climate change, energy conservation and emissions reduction of iron and steel faces new pressure will be more and more big.

We should clearly recognize that low-carbon era has arrived! In that way, does the Chinese steel with low carbon as the breakthrough to realize green development?

One ,change ideas, the construction of low carbon enterprise green development strategy.
(1) requires the traditional iron and steel enterprise to green development, energy saving and emission reduction from the authors efficiency to social responsibilities and obligations, the enterprise market competition to a low-carbon green transformation, make low carbon green growth development of leading enterprises. (2) accelerate development to adapt to low-carbon development strategy of enterprise development, to build management support system to reduce emissions and evaluation system, a new round of development for the enterprise to win. (3) enterprise to find out money, grasps the rule, the innovation model, with a rational, positive attitude, and government departments to communicate, make carbon quota allocation more reasonable, win the space for enterprise development.

Second, develop a plan of action, implementation step by step, gradually promote enterprise carbon emissions.
(1) the appropriate development of green energy, actively explore the fossil energy such as wind power and solar energy in iron and steel enterprise application of conditional, optimize the energy structure to promote emission reductions. (2) promote the restructuring and backward technology and equipment industry, promote enterprise's energy efficiency optimization. (3), relying on scientific and technological progress, strengthening energy conservation and carbon reduction technology innovation and technological transformation, improve the level of recovery of secondary energy, reduce the enterprise outsourcing the total energy consumption.

To realize green development, low carbon life, is not only a challenge to the enterprise, also provides the opportunity for development to the enterprise. Shinestar holdings group will seize the opportunities, grasped the nettle and strive to research and development to produce more "green" rack of spiral pipe,welded steel pipe, galvanized pipe and other products, for the healthy development of the industry.