How to Protect the Surface of the Welded Steel Pipe?

There are various kinds of steel pipes both in domestic and international markets for your selection, like the welded steel pipe. The steel pipe can be used as the long-distance oil and gas pipeline actually which can ensure the energy security actually. However, the surface of the stee pipe should be treated with great care to avoid the corrosion. Although the surface can't determine the corrosion totally, it has great influence except the weather condition, enviromental factors, coating type, quality and so forth. Hence, it is of great importance to learn how to coat the steel pipe in a simple but effective way.

For example, you are advised to clean it very carefully. In order to remove the grease, oil, dust, lubricants, you are advised to use solvent, emulsion to clean the steel surface actually. However, such cleaning can't help remove the surface rust, oxide, welding flux and so forth. So, you may need a steel wire brush and other tools to polish the steel surface to remove the loose or tilt of oxidation, rust and welding slag. The ultimate goal is to clean actually.

You can use chemical and electrolytic pickling process to remove oxidation, rust and old coating actually. Although using chemical cleaning can remove the rust, oxidation, old coatings very effectively, it is easier to cause the environmental pollution.

The spray cleaning rust can help remove rust, oxide and the dirt completely actually. Spray cleaning rust is driven by high-power motor spray shooting high-speed rotating blades, so that steel grit, steel shot, steel wire segments, minerals under the centrifugal force on the steel surface spray processing.

After your cleanning work, you should choose the right paint type to paint it actually. There are various kinds of paints both in domestic and international markets for yoru selection. And you are advised to choose the most proper type actually. As we have introduced above, the paint quality, type may have a great influence upon the surface of the welded steel pipe actually. You can paint it with the spray gun or brush. The black steel pipe and API steel pipe are also available. Generally speaking, the spray gun can paint better and can save you a lot of time and paints.