How to Prevent Steel Pipe From Rust

As we all know that steel pipe is widely used in homes and constructions as railings, or guardrails for different purposes. There are various kinds of steel pipe, like API steel pipe, or American Petroleum Institute steel pipe. Like other steel products, the steel pipe will rust after exposure to moisture for long time. So, to prevent steel pipe from rust, some measures should be taken, like painting the surface with an exterior paint that seals out moisture. Follow me to get more details.

First of all, prepare things you will need, like cleaner, rags, mineral spirits, primer, rustproof exterior paint, 200-grit sandpaper. Then clean the pipe thoroughly to remove grease, dirt, grime and salt deposits. Clean the pipe by using a heavy-duty cleaner and rags. Then use mineral spirits and rag to clean it again to remove remaining grease left on the pipe.

Second, if the steel pipe has a sheeny surface that may affect the adhesion, you are advised to rough sand it. Rough the steel pipe surface lightly with metal abrasive sandpaper. A towel will be needed to wipe away all residue from sanding.

Third, add a primer to the steel pipe surface. Spray the primer to the pipe and allow it to dry naturally. The primer is not required if you are using a metal spray-paint system designed specially for steel. Then, apply the final coat of paint to the steel pipe as directed by the instructions. The welded steel pipe and black steel pipe are also available. For more detailed information about steel pipe, you can visit We are dependable manufacturer of steel pipe and we have great reputation among consumers both at home and abroad for high quality and competitive price.