Heat exchanger steel pipe

Heat exchanger is transfering the part of the heat of the hot fluid to cold fluid device, also known as heat exchangers. The heat exchanger is general equipment of the chemical, petroleum, power, food and many other general equipment  and plays an important role in production. Heat exchangers in chemical production can be used as a heater, cooler, condenser, evaporator and reboiler, etc., applied more widely. Many types of heat exchangers, but basically cold and hot fluid heat exchange principles and methods can be divided into three categories namely: partitions, hybrid and regenerative. In the three types of heat exchangers, the Partitions heat exchanger applications.

The role of the heat exchanger cold refrigerant will be sent to the pipeline of fresh air in the heat exchanger for heat exchange of fresh hot air into the pipe into the required low temperature. The boiler is heating, indoor winter need heating should be used.

The heat exchange tube means including low and medium pressure boiler seamless pipe (GB3087-1999), on behalf of the material is on the 10th, the 20th of steel; high-pressure boiler seamless pipe (GB5310-1995), on behalf of the material for the 20G 12Cr1MoVG 15CrMoG and so on. This pipe through the wall for heat exchange, including boiler tubes, heat exchanger tube.