Galvanized Steel Pipe Rust

Galvanized steel pipe rust is mainly for zinc soluble in acid and also be dissolved in alkali, so call it gender metal. Zinc in the dry air is almost no change. In humid air, the zinc surface will generate a dense film of basic zinc carbonate. Containing sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and marine atmosphere, the poor corrosion resistance of zinc, especially in hot and humid atmosphere containing organic acids, the zinc coating can easily be corrosion. Zinc standard electrode potential of-0.76V, the steel substrate, the zinc coating is anodic coating, which is used to prevent the corrosion of iron and steel, the pros and cons of its protective properties of coating thickness relationship is great.

Zinc coating, passivation, staining or coating retaining light agent, can significantly improve the protective and decorative. Zinc oxide in the air, the surface of the formation of white rust, this situation is normal. Depends on your strip is hot dip galvanized or electro-galvanized, hot dip galvanized, then because of the relatively thick layer of zinc to generate white rust does not affect the normal warranty, because the oxidation rate of zinc in the air is very slow. Electro-galvanized is not easy to say. Not see the rust will not be affected. When you want to save the galvanized steel to be careful not to put wet and hot weather ventilation is very easy to mold, some of the winter, then adhere to the longer.