Fake seamless pipe

The so-called fake seamless is often said the seamless steel pipe.

Seamless steel pipe reducing tension, tension-reducing process is a continuous rolling process without mandrel in hollow base material.

Under the premise of ensuring the main pipe welding quality, pipe tension reducing process heated to 950 degrees Celsius, then the tension reducer rolling a seamless steel pipe diameter and wall thickness of the finished product, this the essential difference between the process of the production of hot-rolled steel with high frequency welded pipe through the furnace heated the microstructure and mechanical properties of the weld with the parent can achieve exactly the same addition, multi-pass tension reducing mill rolling Built and automatically controlled so that the dimensional accuracy of the steel pipe (especially roundness and thickness accuracy) of the tubular body is superior to similar seamless. Developed countries in the world production of fluid pipes, boiler tubes has a large number of pipe seamless process, with the development of society, the domestic hot-rolled pipe gradually replace seamless situation has been formed.

Difference between seamless steel pipe and fake seamless pipe is viewed in several ways:
First, in general, pipes are cut to length with generally 6 meters, 9 meters or 12 meters. Fake seamless pipe length is very small, because the length factory increase very much.
Second, you can see from the cross-section of the tube head, rust, then wipe it clean, look carefully, you will realize the welding area.
Third, if pickling, the most obvious.