Difference of ERW and UOE

Firstly, the difference between raw material and production capacity

Raw material of ERW steel pipe is hot rolled steel coils, and raw material of UOE pipe  is hot rolled steel plate. So the ERW steel tube can realize continuous assembly line work, high production efficiency, production cost is low; And UOE pipe made with steel plate processing, unable to realize continuous assembly line, the production efficiency is low, the production cost is high.

ERW steel pipe limited by the thickness of the steel coil, general can produce the biggest thickness is 25 mm, it can produce the biggest diameter is 660 mm; And can produce the maximum thickness of UOE pipe to 40 mm, it can produce the largest diameter is only restricted by steel plate width, now can produce maximum diameter is 1422 mm.

Secondly, difference of the welding

ERW steel pipe welding does not need to add solder wire; UOE pipe is added welding wire.

Thirdly, difference in appearance

ERW steel tube  remove both internal and external welding seam, this is good for anti-corrosion; welding seam of UOE pipe is higher of inside and outside is not so convinient for corrosion.

Forthly, difference of the purchase cost and the difficulty

ERW steel pipe procurement costs low, the cost of UOE pipe is very high, generally spread of 15% to 25%. Domestic production of UOE pipe manufacturer is very few, purchasing difficulty is more higher. When diameter less than 406 mm, the procurement cost difference is higher.

ERW steel pipe manufacturer is more, low purchasing difficulty, when the diameter of <  406 mm, will greatly reduce the purchasing cost.

Fifthly, the application of distinction

ERW steel tube is mainly used in natural gas, refined oil, crude oil, such as pulp land long distance pipeline.

UOE pipe is mainly used in high voltage long distance pipeline, cold area at the bottom of the two, three, four, land area.