Cracking Principle of Petroleum Cracking Tube

Cracking principle of petroleum cracking tube: that is cracking under certain conditions, the relative molecular mass larger, higher boiling hydrocarbons break into smaller molecular weight, lower boiling hydrocarbons process. In the catalytic cracking is carried out, also known as catalytic cracking.

Pyrolysis oil chemical production process, higher than the cracking temperature (700 ℃ ~ 800 ℃, sometimes even up to 1000 ℃), petroleum fractionation products (including LPG) in the long chain hydrocarbon broken into ethylene, propylene, etc. short-chain hydrocarbon processing.

It is a deeper cleavage cracking. Chemical petroleum cracking process is more complex, cracked gas generating composition is a complex mixture of gases, the main products in addition to ethylene, but also propylene, isobutylene and methane, ethane, butane, alkynes, hydrogen sulfide and carbon oxides, etc. . Pyrolysis gas purified and isolated, you can get the required purity ethylene, propylene and other basic organic chemical raw materials. Currently, petroleum cracking has become the main method for producing ethylene.