China's Program will Inject New Impetus into Globalization

Since 2016, the global economy is generally stable, but downturn situation has not fundamentally changed. Hunan Shinestar Steel Research Institute said that 2017 global economy will remain low growth and low recovery trend, "reverse globalization" wave of China's economic globalization program inject new impetus. As a manufacture of seamless steel pipe, OCTG, spiral welded pipe, stainless steel pipe,  galvanized pipe and other products, Shinestar Group will continue to pay attention to the world economy and China's economic development trends.

World economy needs to strengthen global economic governance, but the British off the EU referendum and Trump put forward the "US priority", which made regionalization to split and lost in globalization. In Europe, the US strategy is shrinking. In this context, new forces are needed, and new programs are leading global governance to a new stage. China is the world's second largest economy, China's economic development can not be separated from the world, the world's economy also needs China.

From the financial, trade, investment the three areas, by the effect of new president of the United States and the dollar interest rate and other factors, the global financial market will remain volatile and uncertainty in the short term, especially in emerging market countries will have to face the risk of currency devaluation and Capital outflow. At the same time, world trade still lack of powerful support, which make slow growth. Although the rebound of commodity prices or will bring some demand, but the magnitude is limited, global trade growth rate will remain lower than the economic growth. Global investment will be stronger due to USD raised, new trade protectionism and other factors, the recovery process is blocked. However, the rise of the fourth global industrial transfer, may lead to rebound in global investment. In addition, the Hangzhou G20 summit strong impetus to the global efficient financial governance which is good for developing countries and  inject new momentum for global economic growth.

The report notes that during the cyclical transformation of the world economy, China's five major development concepts will not only lead China's economic development, but also will lead the world economy into a new long-term positive kinetic energy. Globalization is at a crossroads in the transformation and incubation of the new cycle of the world economy. "One to one," the building tactics not only for the global economy out of the crisis haze, to realize powerful recovery and sustainable development provides new ideas, but also against the trend of globalization to promote economic globalization has injected new impetus and vitality.

In the future, Shinestar Group will take the opportunity to meet the challenges, and strive to develop themselves to produce more high-quality spiral submerged arc welded pipe, seamless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, scaffolding, galvanized pipe and other products to develop China's economic.