China's Foreign Trade Inventory in 2016

Look back over past 2016,though China’s foreign trade growth fell,structure optimization,benefits of quality and so on showed many new changes and bright spot.As a Welding steel pipe, line pipe, straight seam submerged arc welding pipe, galvanized pipe, submerged arc weld spiral welded pipe, scaffolding and other products of steel production services provider,Shinestar group has been paying close attention to the development of foreign trade.Shinestar Steel Research Institute said the development way of China's foreign trade on the import and export trade structure, market distribution and trade subject has different degree of optimization and improvement in 2016 that mainly embodied in these aspects:

First,internal production of power to further strengthen,private enterprises import and export growth of 2.2% in 2016,accounting for 38.1% of China's total foreign trade, up 1.2 percentage points from 2015.Our trade way tend to be more reasonable,the general trade import and export growth of 0.9%,accounting for 55% of the total cost of the foreign trade of our country,up 1 percentage points from 2015.Gradient transfer of processing trade progressed steadily,the import and export of processing trade in the central and western regions increased by 3.2%,accounting for the proportion of total cost of the foreign trade in our country ,up 1.3 percentage points from 2015.The international market diversification has made some progress,some "along the way" along the country's rapid trade growth,to India, Russia, Pakistan, Poland and Bangladesh and other countries import and export growth of 4.1%, 8.7%, 7.2%, 4.1% and 9.2%.

Second,in the superior products in optimal out has made good progress.In terms of exports,China’s traditional advantage products exports growth remained,textiles, plastic products and toys export growth of 1.9%, respectively, 0.5% and 24.9%,still keep a good competitive advantage.At the same time benefit from China's abundant capital, perfect industrial system and strong manufacturing capacity, our country enterprise in the speed up to go out and promote the international cooperation capacity also led equipment manufacturing and export of high value-added products,China's enterprises in accelerating to go out and promote international capacity cooperation also led the equipment manufacturing and high value-added products exports.Some mechanical and electrical products and equipment manufacturing exports also maintained a good momentum, such as medical equipment export growth of 6.1%, auto parts export growth of 3.5%.

Third,in terms of import,China's crude oil, copper and other commodities imports in 2016 continue to maintain the growth momentum, which also shows that China's domestic economy is running smoothly, demand has picked up.At the same time, the policy effect of expanding imports and optimizing import structure shows that some high-tech products such as advanced technology, key parts and important equipment have a rapid growth in import.In 2016, imports of electrical products increased by 1.9%, of which turbojet engine imports increased by 26.8%, ship growth of 26.6%, measurement and analysis of automatic control equipment and apparatus increased by 10.7%.

The future, we need to be more active in the face of complex and volatile international and domestic economic situation and import and export environment, and strive to build an open economy new system, and continuously improve the quality and efficiency of foreign trade development, build a higher level of open economy, the full realization of the "big Into the big out "to" excellent into excellent "change. Shinestar Group will also adhere to independent innovation, pay more attention to cultivate technology, brand, quality, service as the core of the new advantages of foreign trade competition, to produce more high-quality welded steel pipe, pipe, straight seam submerged arc welded pipe, galvanized pipe, spiral welding submerged arc welded pipe, scaffolding and other products, playing an international competitiveness of the steel group.