Characteristics and application of precision seamless steel pipe

Features of precision seamless pipe:

The surface and inner wall of the steel pipe has high precision and high brightness. After heat treatment, the steel pipe has no oxide layer, the inner wall has high cleanliness, the steel pipe is subjected to high pressure, cold bending and fixed shape, and there is no crack in expanding and flattening.

Color of steel pipe: white with light, with high metallic light.

Use of precision seamless pipe:

It is used for automobiles, machine accessories and other machines with high requirements for the accuracy and brightness of steel pipes. Tight steel pipe users are not only users with high requirements for precision and brightness. Due to the high precision of tight seamless steel pipe, small officials can be connected in 2-8 wires. Therefore, many machining users are gradually changing seamless steel pipe or round steel into tight seamless steel pipe in order to save labor, material and time consumption.