Bright Prospect of LSAW Steel Pipe

LSAW steel pipe is the professional term of Longitudinally Submerged Arc Welding. It has the following features. First of all, the product specification covers a large range. It can not only manufacture pipes with small diameter and big wall thickness but also products with large diameter and big wall thickness. Secondly, it has strong ability to prevent corrosion and cracking. It owns higher accurate dimension and is convenient for the on-site welding construction. Thirdly, thanks to the fine welding process, it can have stable welding process and high quality welding. Last but not least, it is easy to realize the nondestructive flaw detection in the welding process. Owing to these advantages as well as its own special features, LSAW steel pipe has a bright prospect and more and more consumers desire to adopt it for the daily jobs. According to the API standard, in large oil and gas delivery pipelines, welded steel pipe is the only designated tube when the tube goes through alpine zone, sea and city populated areas.

Since the simple introduction of the LSAW steel pipe, the article will give a concrete reference concerning the prospect of the LSAW steel pipe markets at home and abroad. Up until now, the LSAW steel pipe market is increasing dramatically due to the expansion of the China LSAW capacity. Among those LSAW manufacturers, some of them are willing to purchase the sourcing pipes from the west while the other leading manufacturers prefer to get the sourcing pipe from the local plant manufacturers. Apart from China, India and Middle East also have an obvious rise in the LSAW capacity. China has become the biggest regions for manufacturing LSAW steel pipe. Entering 2014, further needs in LSAW steel pipe are expected. Let's take China as an example. In addition to the foreign demands, China has a strong internal demand in this aspect for the expansion of length of the gas pipeline.

Anyway, the demand of LSAW steel pipe is forecast to rise continuously. Despite of the fact, the welded steel pipe market may suffer from great banging. Previously, LSAW steel pipe market is dominated by the European and Japanese manufacturers but in the future, it will encounter strong competition from India and China. However, although China is likely to be the biggest region to manufacture LSAW steel pipe, the demands will not keep pace with the capacity. 

To sum up, though the LSAW steel pipe may suffer from some minor problems in the development process, it still enjoys a bright and healthy prospect from the long term. Both consumers and manufacturers should be confident with the prospect of LSAW steel pipe.