Belt And Road Impact on Steel Industry

Shinestar Steel Research Institute believes that China's era of rapid economic growth has gone for ever, which makes the steel industry has experienced the middle adjustment pains low growth in the past five years, and future growth continued to slow down will become an indisputable fact.Therefore, the hope of the future development lies in the discovery of new growth momentum of China's economy, growth support points.

The layout of the new strategic space needs to be realized through specific economic activities.The infrastructure Belt and Road in the background are beyond the borders, has a broad space for regional infrastructure, China international, along the way will undoubtedly open the human history one of the most magnificent level intercontinental infrastructure construction stage, so large-scale construction will bring a variety of new demand.In Southeast Asia and even greater Eurasian space, China's infrastructure is beginning to show a new development context.If the infrastructure in China's iron and steel, with China's high-speed development, the layout, it needs to how much demand for iron and steel?If China cannot meet the demand for steel who can fill the gap?Does this mean for China's iron and steel, a huge new demand.Shinestar Steel Research Institute believes that the infrastructure is just a part of it, we must rely on infrastructure integration production capacity and transfer, there must be more to promote trade exchanges, including a solid pace of internationalization of the RMB, along the way of opening a new era, brought far beyond our imagination.

9.6 million km of land in China,the adjustment of regional economic structure is also in the rapid advance of the steel industry in the study of the market structure of the need to pay attention to this point.Among them, in particular is the integration of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region development.As a key sector of regional development,
integration of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region is currently building in Beijing as the starting point of the radial transport system.Such a structure up, how much need to build, how much of the iron and steel, how much investment, will get the number of growth, are obvious.Shinestar steel group last year to put into operation in Tianjin production base, is based in Tianjin, radiation global manufacturing platform, high frequency ERW pipe's production of LSAW pipe, SSAW  steel pipe, seamless steel pipe and other quality products, is constantly to meet customer demand.

Infrastructure of the formation of the region to accelerate the development of the region's capacity to re layout.Now, we can see the layout of coastal heavy chemical industries include iron and steel, is rapidly formed a pattern in Tangshan, Tianjin as the representative of the heavy, especially the rise of manufacturing industry circle, and Beijing to the two wings extending in the modern industry.These changes in the development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, it means that a non limited prospects, it will undoubtedly bring great demand, these are worth the steel industry to think.

The future, shinestar will grasp the macro economic development opportunities, innovative production technology, continue to produce high frequency ERW pipe, LSAW pipe, SSAW steel pipe, seamless steel pipe and other high-quality products, to enhance the market competitiveness of continuous efforts.