Attended the Expo Oil and Gas Colombia 2016 ,Push China's Steel Towards the World

The 17th Columbia international oil and gas show was open in Bogota Colombia on November 28. The exhibition is one of the most important oil and gas show in Latin America, especially in Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela. It is also the important way of oil equipment industry companies into the region, especially in the Colombian market As a world-class production and service provider , Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co.,ltd appearance at the Columbia oil show, to show the power China's iron and steel well to the whole world.

Colombia is Latin America's fifth largest oil producer, after in Mexico, venezuela, Brazil and Argentina, about 5% of production across the region. In recent years, Colombia oil companies decided to strengthen oil exploration, strive to improve proven oil reserves. On the one hand, it will hit 40 exploration well in the east, southwest provinces, find out the local oil and gas reserves. And decided to sell the northwest coast potential fields and will implement the international bidding, attracting international big company investment and development. Colombia's oil and gas exploration activities more active in recent years, with many companies signed the oil and gas exploration and production contract, with a total investment of more than $36 million, mainly in the Caribbean sea area.

In the show, Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co.,ltd has brought the results of innovative products and services steel one-stop solution,Latin America, designed to help local businesses more efficiently for oil and gas exploration, as well as Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd, insight into the Latin American market situation for international business development laid a solid foundation.

During the exhibition, the atmosphere is very hot before Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd’s booth before, customers is in an endless stream. Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd’s elite team with full enthusiasm and professional attitude, detailed interpretation of the green's product and service features, and the patience to answer customer proposed all sorts of problems, also with the customer to discuss the cooperation of current world steel situation and related problems. Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd’s in this exhibition, to promote the new product to the customer, including the SMLS, ERW, SSAW, LSAW etc. High quality products. and perfect service system, Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd’s win the majority of clients attention and recognition, and the development of the future with confidence.

Along with the advancement of Shinestar Steel Group globalization strategy and the expansion of overseas business, also put forward new requirements to the development of a subsidiary. Established as the first subsidiary of Shinestar Steel Group, this oil show fully shows the brand image and production strength of Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd. In the future, Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd’ will further meet the needs of global customers increasingly change, more steadily moving towards the international stage with  its profound insight to customer requirements and precipitation of deep technology.