Antibacterial stainless steel

In the production of kitchen equipment, medical equipment, bathroom supplies, and cleaning and decoration, people have been looking forward to the emergence of new metal materials that can be both antibacterial and styling. A new material with both structural and functional characteristics-antibacterial stainless steel has not only the mechanical properties of structural materials but also the physical and chemical properties of functional materials. Like ordinary stainless steel, it has the decoration and beautification effects of components, and it also has antibacterial properties.  the Self-cleaning effect of sterilization.


Antibacterial stainless steel is divided into two types according to its antibacterial properties: coating type and self-antibacterial type. The former can transform existing stainless steel products, that is, to coat stainless steel with bactericidal metal materials or other bactericidal inorganic materials, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to wear, easy to age, and changes from temperature differences and external environment. Change, so that the stainless steel loses its antibacterial properties; the latter is to add some antibacterial metal elements in the stainless steel production process, and then make the stainless steel itself antibacterial through special treatment. It does not have the shortcomings of the former and is low in cost and easy processing.


At present, there is no clear definition of "sterilization" and "antibacterial" in the field of materials. Antibacterial is generally understood as inhibiting the development, growth, and reproduction of bacteria, while sterilization is to kill microorganisms. Antibacterial stainless steel can prevent the bacteria attached to it from multiplying, being killed, or suppressing the number of bacteria to a low level, and it does not change the strength, corrosion resistance and aesthetics of ordinary stainless steel, and has a very broad application prospect. Looking forward to entering people's homes soon.