Advantages of pipe CIPP turnover lining method repair technology

1.  Trenchless technology is adopted. Construction time is short (single-section repair is generally completed within 24 hours), and construction equipment covers a small area (occupies a single lane, and the distance between two inspection wells)


2.  The lining pipe is a new high-strength pipe closely combined with the old pipe;


3.  The inner patch tube is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and its service life is designed according to the needs, up to 50 years;


4.  The surface of the newly lined pipe is smooth, and the friction of the water flow is reduced (the friction coefficient is less than 0.010);


5.  The impact on traffic is small, and the environmental impact is small (the old pipes to be repaired are close to the buildings, the old pipes under the river and the river are repaired, and the buried depth is deep and the old pipes are located in the soil with large water content).