Advantages of Submerged Arc Welding Spiral Steel Pipe

In the spiral pipe production process and the use, there are invented a lot of excellent welding and methods of production, greatly contributed to the steady and rapid development of the industry, but also makes this industry has been optimized in development. Which submerged arc welding is a welding method in a new invention in 1940, it and the front of the place is the same manual welding or the use of slag to protect it, but this is not the slag electrode coating, is designed smelting flux out. Changed after the wire, the wire delivery device with a plate and the wire, the wire is continuously sent, this welding wire is fed continuously in a granular fusible flux covering ignition arc welding wire, base material and part of the melting and evaporation flux forms a cavity, the arc is stable combustion in the cavity inside, so call it submerged arc welding. Arc is buried in the inside of the cavity. The welding flux hopper loading system consists of a drug delivery through a pipe to be welded to the front of the second type of welding is used, the use of wire, since the wire can be continuously sent; Rod, a rod that we must have a burn a welding head gave the throw, and the operation was stopped, and then change electrode welding. 

And such welding method compared with other methods is the great advantage, the first advantage is fully automated; the second advantage, which is buried Under arc welding, so it's the heat exchange and protection of relatively strong performance, high quality welding out; third advantage, because the submerged arc welding arc buried in the flux, so it can be used a large current, welding efficiency relatively high.