AWWA C200 Water Steel Pipe

Water pipeline AWWA C200 steel water pipe is widely used in the following fields/industries:
Hydraulic power station, potable
Water supply industry, irrigation penstock, Sewage disposal pipe line

AWWA C200 standards covers butt-welded, straight-seam or spiral-seam welded steel pipe, 6 in. (150 mm) and larger, for transmission and distribution of water, including fabrication of pipe, requirements of welding operations, permissible variations of weight and dimensions, preparation of ends, fabrication of specials, inspection, and test procedures.

All work performed and material furnished under this standard may be inspected by the purchaser, but such inspection shall not relieve the manufacturer of responsibility to furnish material and perform work in accordance with this standard.

Quality assurance
The manufacturer shall maintain a quality-assurance program to ensure that minimum standards are met. It shall include a certified welding inspector (AWS QC1) to verify that welders and welding procedures are qualified, procedures are being followed with limitation of testing, and quality-assurance functions are being implemented.

The finished pipe shall be free from unacceptable defects. Defects in seamless pipe or in the parent metal of welded steel pipe will be considered unacceptable when the depth of the defect is greater than 12.5% of the nominal wall thickness.
The repair of defects will not be permitted if the depth of the defect exceeds 1/3 of the nominal wall thickness of the pipe and if the length of that portion of the defect in which the depth exceeds 12.5% is greater than 25% of the outside diameter of the pipe. Each length of repaired pipe shall be tested hydrostatically in accordance with standard requirements.

A serial number or other identification shall be painted in a conspicuous location on each section of carbon steel pipe and each special section.