ASME SA-106C high temperature boiler carbon steel seamless pipe

Introduction to SA-106C boiler tube:

SA-106C steel is a pearlescent hot strength steel, which is widely used in the manufacture of large capacity boiler water wall, superheater and heat exchanger, as well as the construction of high temperature and high pressure resistant fluid pipeline. The seamless steel pipe has high endurance strength, creep strength, good corrosion resistance to steam, hydrogen and alkali and oxidation resistance.

SA-106C boiler tube executive standard:

ASME sa-106 / sa-106m carbon steel seamless steel pipe for high temperature service

SA-106C boiler tube chemical composition:

C≤0.035 Mn0. 29-1.06 P≤0.035 S≤0.035 Si≥0.10 Cr≤0.40 Cu≤0.40 Mo≤0.15 Ni≤0.40 V≤0.08

SA-106C mechanical properties:

Brand SA-106C tensile strength ≥ 485mpa yield strength ≥ 275mpa elongation ≥ 30%