3LPE Anti-corrosive Steel Pipe Launches a Fierce Market

3LPE anti-corrosive steel tube is divided into general grade and strengthen grade. Their fundamental difference lies in the different thickness. For common specifications of 219-478, the thickness is around 2.0 mm, and that of strengthen one is around 2.7 mm. Their prices have a differential of about 7 yuan per square meter. Choose what kind of grades of anti-corrosive should according to the customers' specific requirements. If used as ordinary outside casing corrosion, common grade is more than enough. If used to transfer fluid directly, such as acid and alkali or gas, strengthen one is better. Since 3 PE anti-corrosive spiral steel has built the international first-class production to realize energy saving society in China, our factory has been committed to do the work of energy saving energy transmission, research and development. The advent of 3 PE anti-corrosive pipe is the best channel of natural gas transportation. But the situation of the domestic seamless pipe spreading abroad has been the scar of the people for many years.  

3LPE anti-corrosion steel tube spot manufacturers craft is advanced anti-corrosion technology that introduced from abroad in the late 1990 s. Its full name is the fusion bonded epoxy/extruded polyethylene protective layer structure. 3 PE anti-corrosion coating technology colligates ring oxygen and extruded polyethylene these two kinds of anti-corrosive coating which possess excellent performance, with combination of the interface properties of epoxy coating and chemical characteristics and advantages of extruded polyethylene anti-corrosive layer mechanical protection feature. Thereby it can significantly improve their sex. Thus, 3 PE coating is the ideal of buried pipeline outer protective layer. According to authoritative department detection, the serve life of the buried pipeline with 3 PE anticorrosive technology may be up to 50 years. At present, the key network of pipes in China adopt the 3 PE anti-corrosive coating outside, many pipeline abroad also adopt this technology. 
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